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A  national register  

for optimal

data management


various research projects

International network of doctors and researchers

Improving the care of MPN patients


"The association of the most renowned experts in the field of hematology drives research forward in order to guarantee patients the best possible quality of life. "

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Projects & Programs

Our goal is to promote projects that support doctors, researchers and patients. We are particularly proud of the creation of our registry, which helps us to manage a wide range of disease data. 


Foundation members

Head of Department Biomedicine, University Hospital Basel

Head of Hematology, Coordinator of the Lymphoma and Leukemia Center, Head of Clinical Research, Aarau Cantonal Hospital

Senior Physician, Clinic for Oncology / Hematology and Pathology, Head of Department Hematology, Head of IHPD, Department of Internal Medicine and Pathology, Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen

FMH and FAMH Hematology, Senior Physician and Research Group Leader, Department of Hematology and Department of Biomedicine, University Hospital Basel

Senior physician with extended responsibility, medical oncology and hematology, University Hospital Zurich

Specialist in internal medicine FMH, specialist in hematology FMH and FAMH, co-chief physician in hematology,

Lucerne Cantonal Hospital

Specialist in hematology and internal medicine,

Hematology Practice Bern

President MPN Patient Support Association  Switzerland

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